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Housecall Providers delivers personalized, proactive primary medical care to homebound, medically fragile elders and disabled adults. In addition to primary care, we offer hospice services. Further, we advocate on behalf of our patients, their caregivers and families so our patients can receive the care they want and need. 


A nonprofit committed to quality services

Please consider a gift to Housecall Providers. Over the years, the generosity of many individuals has made our work in the community possible.

Thousands of homebound patients were able to receive primary medical care in the home because people felt strongly about supporting Housecall Providers. 

As members of a growing nonprofit medical practice, our physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and support staff provide much-needed primary care to a severely underserved population. Wherever our patients choose to receive care, that is where we deliver that care, be it in a home, residential setting or adult foster care.

Our model of health care means our patients don’t have to make difficult trips to physician offices for basic medical care. They receive quality medical care in the residence of their choice. Our patients’ caregivers value our services because our support allows them respite from their hard work, and they know our professional team truly listens to them when they talk about the patient.

In addition to our primary care practice, we offer hospice services where our patients can complete their lives with dignity, respect and compassion.

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No patients are seen at our offices. But we do want to connect with you.

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